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Got Workplace Strife? We Can Help! Inner Office Politics Getting You Down? We Can Help! Employee Problems? We Can Help! Bad Feelings in the office getting you down? We Can Help Benefits: Increase Productivity Better Inner Office Communication Higher Team



Business would run a lot smoother if there were not people problems.  Businesses have to guard against; Toxic environments, Low employee moral, Late projects, High employee turnover, Lost clients, How do you fix the toxic environment, the bickering, complaining and blaming

Team Development

Team Development

Let me ask you a question, can you afford to lose more employees? Are you tired of the high cost in time and money retraining new employees? Can you afford losing clients from not delivering projects on time? Are you

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What Our Clients Say…

My business is thriving with less effort, stress and worry from me. My family enjoys my calm, present and playful nature, and I value the clarity I have moving forward. I recommend Leesa’s program to anyone ready to commit to positive change. "

Monica Faux-Kota

We got great value from Leesa Myers today on key points to building a better working relationship with better communication in business as well as personal communication. She rocked the house!! You were stellar! I had several Ah-ha's .”

Denise Spainhower Christiansen BizLink

About The Relationship Specialist

About Leesa Myers

Leesa Myers is a relationship specialist teaching people and teams how to build healthy powerful relationships in business and home. Leesa teaches effective communication skills, how to inspire and motivate others, setting goals and attaining them. Leesa knows by building...

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