Powerful Achievement of Hypnosis

Using Hypnosis to Promote A Healthy Lifestyle

Powerful Achievement of Hypnosis "All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis" Hypnosis and the practice of hypnotism is rapidly emerging as a highly effective science in solving everyday challenges.  It can be very beneficial in many cases and is also a valuable adjunct to
Body, spirit, mind Balance


“You cannot fix the problem with the same consciousness that created it.” Einstein   Life is meant to be lived, to be happy, joyous, and to be fun. Life is not meant to be a life of suffering, of hurt

Promote and assist the body and mind to a healthy lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle with Essential Oils

  Let me ask you a question, can you afford to be sick, tired, sad or fat? Are you tired of the high cost of medical bills? Can you afford losing any more sick days at work?  Are you ready to

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What Our Clients Say…

My business is thriving with less effort, stress and worry from me. My family enjoys my calm, present and playful nature, and I value the clarity I have moving forward. I recommend Leesa’s program to anyone ready to commit to positive change. "

Monica Faux-Kota

We got great value from Leesa Myers today on key points to building a better working relationship with better communication in business as well as personal communication. She rocked the house!! You were stellar! I had several Ah-ha's .”

Denise Spainhower Christiansen BizLink

About Leesa Myers

About Leesa Myers

Leesa Myers Health and Emotional Wellness Coach specializes in inspiring and empowering people with several proven tools including; Positive Change Hypnosis, Aromaprana, coaching, group mentoring and team building.  Leesa knows that your thoughts are creating your results and there is a...

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